Wishes for 2011

Read this short post and find out my my web/design/developer geek wishes, In addition I believe that most developers wish the same.

thumb - Wishes for 2011

I wish:

  • That HTML 5 and CSS 3 finally be ready and fully browser supported in 2010. Check this out ishtml5readyyet.com.
  • After that, I’d appreciate that people would stop talking about the latter :)
  • That IE6 ceases to exist, and people start using new generation browsers.
  • That Microsoft finally releases a normal browser. (I don't trust Microsoft till I start debugging.)
  • Full browser support of web fonts - precisely WOFF format.
  • That browsers introduce a certain font preloading system, because the transition-blink between system and web fonts pretty much annoys me.
  • To see lots of awesome sites.

So if hopefully some of my wishes come true XD, I'm sure that cross-browser debugging would be easy. I don't forget even though we will be always be in the middle of browser wars , plug-ins will always be ahead of standards and your personal "bug database" will always pile up browsers mistakes.

Illustration: Bogdan Maksimovic

Posted on 03 Jan 2011

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